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    Dongyuan Jining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a new private Limited by Share Ltd, was founded in December 2006, the existing staff of 100 people. Since its inception, with a scientific development strategy, advanced concept, strong technical and financial strength, so that enterprises in a short period of time quickly among the ranks of excellent engineering machinery supporting enterprise, the company for the international and domestic market, supporting the production of rotary drilling rig, excavators, milling machines, loaders and other engineering machinery parts over a thousand kinds, main products are metal sheet, plate cutting, molding, welding, structural parts, machining parts and other machinery manufacturing products. In 2013 the company developed a large garden pruning machine, and in December of that year won the national utility patent.

    My company's independent research and development of the car with the multifunctional garden pruning machine is the first domestic. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, wide pruning scope, good pruning effect and high efficiency. On a daily basis, the pruning efficiency working days is 30 times more than the manual. Using hydraulic drive technology, and the body is integrated, the machine hydraulic parts are imported from Germany, the original assembly of the original assembly, stable performance, easy to operate. The maximum extension length of the machine can reach 5.4 meters, the maximum height can reach 4.8 meters.

    Our company to the quality of survival, to the variety of development, to serve the market to win, to provide users with quality products and services. In January 2011 through the ISO9001 quality certification, more to ensure the quality of the product.

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